About Us

Find out what we do, why we do it and where it all started
The bare bones of what would later become "The Two Cent Professionals" was thown together in 2009 for a quick busking gig in Fremantle, Perth. What has followed since has been a mixture of mayhem, fun and awesome gigs! We have played in venues all across Perth, the greater Perth Area, as well as many venues throughout the South-West region of Western Australia.
The Two Cent Professionals today are a group of skilled musicians, energetic entertainers and lifelong friends.​​
We are ready to liven up any event; including weddings, functions, festivals, parties and more. Our diverse repertoire ranges from soft background music to upbeat dance numbers, depending on the occasion and the mood you're looking for. Either way, we've got all your favourite jazz, blues, R&B, rock, pop, jump and funk tunes covered.

Band Size Options
Choose the band size to suit your event

Small Band

Full Band

The smaller 6 or 7 piece ensemble is the perfect choice for a more laid-back feel.
This tight group, including one/two vocalists and a feature horn, is perfect for a bit of easy-listening background music.  

We also perform as a 4 piece jazz ensemble if you are looking for a little something classy for your wedding reception or event.
The 12 piece band is fired up and ready to get you swingin' and shakin'.
Bursting with energy and wild dance moves, the Two Cent Pros never fail to entertain.

This band is perfect for all your outdoor events, street festivals, big venues or halls. If you want the full Two Cent Professionals experience, this is the band for you!